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[Exhibition Report COMPUTEX TAIPEI ] First day, hit the scene directly!

[Exhibition Report] First day, hit the scene directly!

In 2023, the 41st Taipei Computex opened as scheduled. As the largest computer exhibition in Asia, the world's second largest computer exhibition, it attracted more than 1,700 industry manufacturers from Asia and the world to participate. CITAQ Co., Ltd., a well -known company in China's POS retail industry, also reinstalled again and appeared at the COMPUTEX Taipei.

The total area of the COMPUTEX TAIPEI exhibition is 60,000 square meters. The 1470 exhibitors are from China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Dubai, India, Singapore, Brazil, the United States, etc.

CITAQ hot -selling models are all appeared in it!

Wonderful, the exhibition is still continuing!

Time: 2023.5.30-6.2

Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall

Number: Hall No. 1 | Stall  K1207A